Get your own custom laundry service
booking app solution

The advancement in the field of e-commerce has ensured that every service and product is easily accessible by people and our laundry servicing Android app provides your business a platform to offer tour customers the ease of booking services.

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Introducing your next on-demand laundry app business

Our aim is to serve the budding enterpreneur by providing them as already-in-place customizable digital solution, thus taking the burdenof building an app of their shoulders and we create the perect Wishy Washy clone for you.

How to make an app for laundry business?

Design Concept: Pick an app design that is already functional and customize t your business requirements.
Incorporate Features: Select the features that you want to provide to the end user of your application.
Launch: Launch the customized app on the Android platform and watch your business grow through e-commerce/

Services Include

This laundry service booking app ensures that your customers enjoy a seamless experience of getting their laundry picked up and delivered from the door-step.

Dashboard: Users can select among the options for the services – for who the service is, which items they want to get cleaned, their preferred pickup date and time.

Order History: It shows the details about all of the customer’s past and current orders along with the processing status.

Payment history: It displays the history of all the completed and pending payments by the user.

Profile: The basic informational page for users to update their contact details.

Push Notifications: The update about customer’s order status will reach their devices by the seconds.

Price List: The cost of laundering each item is displayed for the user’s reference.

Status Tracking: Once the order is placed and confirmed, the user can track its status on the order history page.

Delivery Boy Details: The assigned delivery boy’s name and contact information are provided along with order details so that the user can connect with him directly.

Technology we use for laundry app development

This on-demand laundry service booking app is available for the delivery boys to help them
serve the customers more efficiently


Android Applications


Integrated development environment (IDE)


Language - Java




The on-demand laundry service booking app can be operated on Forebase server without glitch.




Google Play Service API is used to get the user’s location.

Mobile app for laundry business
What makes us different

All-Inclusive Admin Dashboard

As an admin, you can supervise your entire online business with our on-demand laundry booking service app.

Business Expansion

Our digital solutions are entirely customized to fit your business needs and hence help you take your business to the next level.

Cost Effective

We provide complete feature integrated app at the most affordable prices to ensure that you get results with minimum investment.

Service include

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