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Complete Business Needs Under 1 Umbrella

We have extensive experience in creating CRM Solutions and have worked in the majority of the domains.
Facts & figures of our CRM Solutions:

  • Team of 250+ CRM experts. Minimum 8 to 15+ years’ work experience.
  • Expert in Bespoke CRM,
    Hubspot, Zoho, Dynamics 365
    and Salesforce
  • Our team turn your
    business ideas into

Our CRM Integration Basket

  • We empower Small, Medium and Large businesses by creating new customized CRM solutions, modernize legacy systems, and improve existing systems.
  • Optimize operations, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency with our advanced CRM solutions built with flexibility and scalability in mind.
  • We provide robust, flexible, and scalable CRM solutions tailored to your unique business objectives.
  • The system helps to future-proof your business, save costs, stay ahead of the curve, and adapt swiftly to dynamic market changes.
  • Our solutions intending to bring change into modern business, hence initiated the Custom Systems for the clients.
  • We make your customer interaction & experience unique in every parameter. Hence the one-stop solution for all your CRM needs.
  • Proposed CRM solutions fit every size of the company, across the distinct industry in the world.

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Our Services

Unmatched Quality and Exceptional Service - Choose us for your Business Needs



We provide results-driven CRM consulting services around the globe. Choose your desired business process & we will customize the functionality as per your requirement.

We have professionals with extensive knowledge about CRM Tools and Software.


Real-Time Communication

Our developers will help to implement CRM software at your workplace. We work within your near-shore time zone to allow for real-time collaboration. We work to achieve a true "branch location" feel.

We infuse accountability and transparency into our model with regular management and progress reports.


On-Demand Developers

We are proud to employ over 250+ in-house CRM and ERP solution developers with a variety of development experience in an array of industries.

This enables us to be a one-stop shop, removing the hassles of managing multiple vendors, logistics, and technological bottlenecks.



We are committed to delivering robust and cost-effective CRM Application Maintenance & Support services that unveil the roster of huge opportunities for your business.

We assist you at every step even after the implementation of the CRM Software.


Integration services

Our dedicated and skilled professionals have extensive expertise in CRM development and integration.

If you want to connect it with your existing business solution, then we are here for you. Solution is fully open to be integrated with other third party services as well.


Scalable Business Model

Based on the project requirements and your needs, we offer flexible business model increase or decrease the size of your dedicated team at any point of the life-cycle.

We work with you to find the areas that are best suited to bring you value.



We provide access to sustaining and advancing solutions for your business, from technical support to scalability and performance, to functional support and business advancement.



If you want to learn about CRM software and application, we are available here.

Get complete personalized training material from us and on demand training sessions as well.


Own Source Code

You hold complete ownership rights over the source code and any associated intellectual property that has been specifically developed for your use.

Our CRM Expertise


Users can log their daily work details in time sheet section. The manager can approve, reject or resend for the corrections as well.

Leave management

Users can apply for leaves and can provide supporting documents as well like medical report in the Leave Management section. Total leaves with different classification and current leaves balance is managed in the system.

Learning Management System

This module provides learning courses from an organization to its employees. The managers or HR can assign multiple courses to the users. LMS provides complete course tracking, completion status with all statics for all users.


Task Board is the best way to keep track of all tasks assigned to your team. Monitor and change the status of the tasks, keep track of due dates so your work is completed on time, and easily view all tasks assigned to you at one location.


It is a specialized meeting-tracking solution that keeps you updated with your upcoming meetings. All the scheduled meetings are integrated with MS Outlook express as well.


Customer Data Management (CDM) is a user friendly tool designed to unite the complete customer data set of any organization at one place for analysis.


Leads can be collected from a variety of sources, like- website, email to lead, call to lead etc. This section enables the system to capture the lead automatically. After lead qualification, you can convert the lead to create a sales opportunity and system will automatically create a linked contact and organization.


Create quotes quickly and easily streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity with our CRM quotation software for small and large businesses


This includes the process of making Sales quotation, Sales order, Delivery note, Debit note & their respective masters.


CRM users generate the invoices against the sales order. System provides the facility to set the reoccurring invoices as well at set intervals. A logged-in user to download a PDF version of his invoice, in his 'my account' environment


A CRM system with chat-bot integrated can offer several benefits, enhancing customer engagement, streamlining processes, and improving overall efficiency. Proposed built-in CRM chat-bot lets you access and operate your CRM through Microsoft Teams.

It is a fully automated bot that helps you connect to your CRM, handle customer requests, trigger team members to take actions from conversations and much more.


Predicts future sales based on current pipeline data with real-time viewing, allowing businesses to anticipate market changes and alter marketing campaigns accordingly to mitigate business risks and make better business decisions.

It engages with website visitors or social media users, asking qualifying questions to identify potential leads. These leads can then be automatically entered into the CRM system, where sales teams can further nurture them.

Effective CRM Reports

CRM reports help businesses gain actionable insights, improve customer relationships, streamline processes, and ultimately drive growth and profitability.

Reports play a crucial role in analyzing and interpreting data related to customer interactions, sales activities, marketing campaigns, and more. Some common types of reports used in CRM systems are Sales, Pipeline, Customer Service, Marketing and Forecasting reports.


While not technically reports, dashboards are a key feature of CRM systems that provide a real-time snapshot of important metrics and KPIs. Users can customize dashboards to display the most relevant information for their roles or objectives, enabling quick decision-making.

Solution enables users to get a real-time overview of the entire business, built with a drag-and-drop feature to create customized reports designed to track lead volume, conversion rates, and all other pipeline data.


Proper Structuring of Files and Folders in hierarchy to be used in other modules of the CRM system. Single repository of the files to be stored and shared within the organization easily. Full restriction to any unwanted users in the system is enabled for security purpose.


CRM allows you to manage all the expenses of your organization under one system. Users can add expenses with their description as well document files for the same.

Email Integrations

Empower your CRM solutions through seamless email integration, syncing current email channels, such as MS Outlook or Gmail, with the CRM to enable full visibility of emails, contacts, calendars, and more across both desktop and mobile. You can easily create personalized folders, send bulk mails, custom templates effortlessly.


On-line Survey forms to all/selective employees, departments and customers. The CRM generate instant reports from these surveys for better analytics and individual tracking.

Email Templates

Pre-built email templates as per the specification and dynamic template creation section as well for ongoing business needs.

Campaigns Auto scheduling

Email campaigns setup for the targeted customer groups. Pre-scheduling facility of the marketing emails enable the system users easy of working.

Social Media Integrations

Social media accounts are integrated with the CRM system. Avail advantage of social media channels to connect, understand, and provide the prospects and customers with top-notch products and services.

Customer Engagement and Segmentation

Enhancing customer engagement involves utilizing CRM data effectively to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and purchase history. This targeted approach is to improve the relevance of marketing campaigns, increases customer satisfaction, and ultimately drives sales and loyalty.

Order and Inventory Management

Efficient order and inventory management involves streamlining the entire order fulfilment process, from order placement to delivery tracking, within the CRM platform. This feature allows businesses to monitor stock levels in real-time, track product movements, and automate reorder processes to ensure optimal inventory levels.

Customer Support and Interaction

E-commerce CRM services include features such as dedicated customer support channels like ticketing systems, live chat, and knowledge bases. These tools enable businesses to address customer inquiries and concerns promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing Automation and Personalization

This enables businesses to automate repetitive marketing tasks and deliver personalized experiences to customers. Automated workflows for email campaigns, promotions, and abandoned cart reminders help businesses engage with customers at various stages of the purchasing journey, increasing conversion rates and driving revenue.

Analytics and Reporting

It provide valuable insights into the performance of marketing campaigns, sales trends, and customer behavior. By generating comprehensive reports and analytics, businesses can track key metrics such as sales growth, customer acquisition costs, and ROI on marketing efforts.

Integration and Scalability

Integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento allows businesses to synchronize data between the CRM system and their online storefronts, ensuring consistency and efficiency in operations.

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We're CMMI DEV/3 appraised, which means that our processes follow detailed, consistent steps to ensure that our projects are delivered accurately and on-time.

sales sales

We take the time to properly and carefully assess your requirements and we are there to answer your queries and concerns from the outset.

Through this initial consultation we are able to develop a scope of work for your project.


We then supply a proposal including a costs estimate and project timeline plan, for you to review. There's no pressure and we are always on-hand to answer any further questions that you might have.

When you are 100% happy with everything and confirm, the project begins.

Project project

Designs are hand crafted by our creative team - influenced by your guidance, ideas and inspiration together with industry best practice. At each stage we invite you to review the work and provide feedback.

Better user experience

Designs focus on both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development begins when the designs are signed-off. Our amazing hard-working developers carefully yet swiftly code your project to pixel perfection.

Agile management

We adhere to Agile Alliance standards and at every stage you have project access to enable you to provide running feedback.

Delivery delivery
Quality Assurance

We perform thorough UAT testing and ensure standards compliance so that we confidently deliver a high quality product, time after time.


When your project is ready to launch we set up your live services and re-test everything, to ensure that your launch is perfect in every way.

In the unlikely event of any issues we are on hand 24/7 to respond swiftly.

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