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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a marketing strategy that leverages social media to promote your brands or business online. By optimising your social presence and using the right combination of marketing techniques across a range of platforms, you can increase brand exposure and benefit from higher conversion rates in a cost-effective manner.

SMM is unlike any other form of marketing, in the sense that it enables you to interact with your customers on a personal level. This connection means you can analyse the engagement habits and behaviours of your target demographic, therefore helping you better understand how to drive sales within that community.

Building a reputable brand image online can make or break your marketing efforts. Social media is the newest and most popular search engine, with millions of people relying on these networks to find products and services each day. When a brand is interactive online, studies have shown that consumers are much more likely to trust the credibility of your business. So, if executed correctly, you can build a successful and trustworthy page which not only increases your chances of existing customers returning but can encourage limitless interest from consumers new to your products or services.

The Secret to Successful Social Media Management

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Analysing
  • Modifying
  • Progressing

When putting together a social media strategy,
there are 2 main factors to consider; Organic and Paid.


Organic content allows relationships to be built between the brand and consumers without the use of paid ads. These relationships are often more authentic as the customer has made the effort to show interest in the brand organically, without being asked to do anything.

When brands are interactive by sharing content, commenting, and posting images and videos on social media, it personifies a brand. People prefer to do business with other people, rather than companies. Anyone can post organically, it’s simply knowing what content will engage your audience.

Organic strategies alone are often not enough to drive sales or garner notable results, and it can take a while to see traction independently. However, it is an essential part of wider marketing efforts and performs best when implemented hand in hand with paid adverts.

When users see an advertisement on social media, the logical next step is usually to visit the brand’s social media profile to find out more. If you don’t have an organic strategy in place, this can ultimately be an immediate deterrent, therefore losing you a potential sale.


Paid advertising is known for being a great way to quickly grow your social presence and efficiently bring awareness to your brand and the products you are looking to promote.

In many cases, paid ads are the only way to actually get transparent ROI from Social Media Marketing. This is largely due to the ever-changing algorithms of each social platforms and the different times your audience is online. Paid avenues also provide advertisers with intuitive, realtime metrics which allow you to see where your adverts are performing best, and taking this information to update those that aren’t meeting the mark.

Social Media ads have a huge range of campaign options for each marketing objective. Whether you are looking to simply increase the “Likes” your page has, attract interest from a new demographic, gain more subscriptions for your app, drive conversions on a newly launched product and everything in between, there is a campaign for each requirement.

Even for those working on a small budget, the benefit of using Social Media ads is you can adjust your ad sets to be as cost-effective as needed.

Social Media Marketing – The Goals And Objectives

Addressing business challenges with perfection – designing amazing campaigns.


Increase awareness about the company


Increase awareness about the services


Increase direct & referral site traffic


Promote newly launched projects/ services


Increase website visibility on web world


Establish company’s management as industry’s experts


Improve conversations on website


Establish company’s reputation as a source of useful information by republishing content & articles

Get set up and start networking…

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  • Content Development & Marketing

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