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The Internet of things (IoT) is an exquisite IT convergence solution that combines wireless technologies and items with embedded software development services. Using remote access across an obtainable network infrastructure, our experts here at Team In India can integrate the physical world into a recognisable IT system. Team In India is backed by an efficiently performing team of experts, having an incredible work experience, working together to provide IoT Solution Development services.

Thinking Why You Need IoT Solutions? Here’s Why!

Some of the benefits and reasons for choosing IoT development are

Saves time

IoT Development helps develop business as it gives the user full control to the applications, which is more productive in the long run. It helps individuals to monitor a range of tasks and increase efficiency while reducing the manual labor and cost simultaneously.

Easy Control

In the traditional developments it was very difficult to control all the functions of the application manually, but now with IoT, things have become easier to handle. Devices and machines now link together to inform users for required tasks as well as execute them wherever necessary.

Connected Room Experience

It is an application designed for one of the world's most diverse casino-entertainment providers "Cromwell Caesars Entertainment". The app is used to manage the growing needs of their guests, by incorporating the existing hotel systems into a handheld device, which offers guests an in-house digital access to complimentary and paid services for proactive assistance.

The Cromwell Room Automation App

The purpose of the connected room application is to meet the developing needs of guests, incorporating existing hotel systems into a consolidated handheld device that offers guests the convenience of in-room digital access to complimentary and paid services, as well as proactive guest assistance.

My Medical Connections

With an ever increasing number of new diseases being discovered everyday and the medical conditions that only put people in distress, this increased the need of a social platform that can help people gather as much information as they can and provide them a new way to medication.

GPG (Global Payroll Gateway Inc.)

GPG is a BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance) based company located in Irvine (USA) and Global Payroll Gateway Ltd. of the UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Payroll Gateway, Inc. GPG is not a Card issuer, but works with various card issuers around the world.

The Tools We Use

Our IoT Development Solutions are a result of the tools we use




Wearables/Apple Watch

We Have Povided IoT Services To Several Industries


Warehouse Management, Asset Tracking, Device Management and Security, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management


Remote Health, Monitoring Patient’s Activities, Medication Compliance, Analytics and Reporting, Connecting Healthcare System to Cloud

Travel & Hospitality

Secure Payment, Mobility Solutions, Navigation, Locating Travel and Luggage, Auto Rebooking


Customer Satisfaction, Track Menu, Secure Payment, Order Management, Food Stock Management

Shopping Malls

Track Offers & Discounts, Track Customer’s Activities, Product Tracking, Inventory Management, Asset Management

Our Process
We follow a simple roadmap to success



We listen and analyze your requirements.

We’ll ask any queries and create the scope of work.


We’ll then supply an estimate and project timeline for you to review and confirm.



Designs are created based on any supplied design guidelines and the current market standards, as well as input from our skilled designers.

Better user experience

Designs incorporate both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development starts when the designs are finalized and we deploy our best developers to make sure you get the desirable results.

Agile management

During development the project is used and tested by you, all feedback is built into the project.



We perform UAT Testing and ensure compliance with the various standards to ensure a quality product.


We launch the product, setup the live services and retest to ensure all is working.

Choose Us Because

We’re efficiently effective!


20+ years experience in the industry


Streamlined Communication System


Proven Methodologies


Competitive Pricing


Source Code Authorization


Comprehensive Reporting


Security and IP Protection


Well versed with MVC Structure


Quality Network & Zero Downtime


Flexible Engagement Models


Best-in-industry quotations


Hire from a pool of highly Proficient Developers

Clients Love Us!

Customer Service! Great communications. Experienced staff. I will be even happier if my invoices were halved :) But hey I can't complain too much when the engagement is to such a high standard and I get what I pay for!

Kiran Patel infoindiadirect.com

The technical understanding is good and the price is right. The project moved quickly once the resource was allocated and extra features were added at short notice. The developer was easy to work with and we have a good result.

Tony Batchelar freespirityoga.co.uk

Excellent communication and interaction with our developer. Always received a prompt response to our inquiries and a quick resolution to various issues. Our account was managed in a professional and attentive manner.

Michael Gusick
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