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Start-up Team Do’s and Don’ts


Take advantage of a cheaper cost base but with the same levels of experience and customer care


Rapidly scale up your Development Team and gain access to multiple skill-sets and years of experience


Keep full control of the development process


Take advantage of the latest technologies such as Big Data and Internet of Things


Waste time and resources worrying about recruitment and HR


Miss out on flexible resources, inexpensive 24/7 support options


Spend time thinking about the right technology choices as we can walk you through the options


Think this is not for you! We prioritise communications and work with an Agile methodology to be as flexible as possible


The Start-Up Process has several key elements involved for anyone looking to setup an online business, depending upon your business model and aims we feel you may need to consider things such as Business Analysis, Planning and Specifications gathering, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Cloud Based Solutions and SEO/Digital Marketing to begin with. To keep your overheads to a minimum we can supply all our services as part of a Team Package or on an adhoc basis, our close cooperation with you ensures value of your business and making a real difference when it can count the most (as the start).

1 Business Analysis

We work with you to analyse and understand the business and your objectives, we then help you to plan and develop your software.

2 Functional Specifications

Once our business analyst has understood the requirements, we can work closely together and help you create the functional specifications to help your business achieve all development goals, the specifications can also be used by our Developers to understand exactly what needs to be built. You might be surprised by some of the suggestions our analysts will make, with many years’ experience and hundreds of projects under their belts they always know the quickest and easiest way to deliver a project.

3 Web Development

From providing a platform for your business on the web to advising or supporting an off the shelf solution, we can help. We are experts not only in customer facing sites but also back office systems to keep your business streamlined and give you the edge on the competition.

4 Mobile App Development

As the internet is increasingly accessed through mobile devices we will discuss your requirements for mobile apps to maintain customer engagement. We can also deliver apps using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies (MR/XR).

5 Software Development

We can also provide Internet of Things (IoT) software applications utilising automation, apps to take advantage of wearables & watches, and also SBC or any maker board solutions required.

6 Security, Server Management and Server & Network Support.

Experts to configure your server, and give you the best environment to easily and securely scale your data.

7 Digital Marketing

Ensure that you can be found amongst the masses and stand apart by telling people your benefits.

8 Support

Our assistance does not need to end once up and running. We can also help with applying any updates or new modules, patches, enhancements and security features.

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