Creative and Interactive Learning Solutions

Over the years education has vastly improved in its methodology, and thanks to e-Learning platforms it’s fast becoming a popular digital trend within the IT industry. By providing highly interactive and visual learning solutions, people of all ages can reap the benefits of this extraordinary software.

Here at Team In India we have the experience and the expertise in handling these solutions, and can provide you with your very own unique e-learning platform. We understand the level of competition in this sector so we promise to deliver solutions that will allow you to engage your learners, develop your teaching techniques and surpass the competition.

Within a span of 21 years, Team In India has emerged as one of the industry leading IT companies, teaming dynamic solutions and experienced e-Learning Portal developers. As an idea of the extent of our expertise, we have provided services to over 1,200+ clients and have developed 1000+ Websites and Portals, by 200+ developers. Being a global brand has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand and many other parts of the world..

Get Innovative With e-Learning

Educational Experiences In A Digital Context

Our tech savvy realists can transform any concept you might have to improve your educational practises

e-Learning Website Creation

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    Moodle Development

    Moodle is a learning management system written in PHP, and is designed on a free open source platform.

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    Custom Solutions

    We work with Moodle, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and other PHP Frameworks, to provide vigorous e-Learning solutions, using traditional custom development tools like Flash and Technologies like HTML.

e-Learning Courses Creation

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    Articulate Storyline

    One of the benefits of Articulate Storyline is that it is highly flexible in its use of variables.

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    Camtasia’s video editor makes it easy to edit mistakes or patch up in new footage.

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    Adobe Captivate is a rapid responsive authorising tool that is used for creating e-learning contents.

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    Flash is the tool used for developing training programs on equipment, products and processes, which are highly complex and need detailed explanation through animations.

Our Development Methodology


Benefits of our e-Learning Solutions

  • Identical content for all learners with consistent methods
  • Quality learning
  • Quick, Easy and efficient online solutions 24 hour access
  • Built in Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Cost efficient when it comes to training and development
  • Tablet compatible formats
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property

Our Work In The Spotlight!

We’ve created a culture of trying things out, tackling problems without fear and delivering only what matches our quality standards.

Our work doesn’t display what we’ve created for our clients, it displays how passionate we feel to serve you. We’re a team of idealists and ideologists who gel together to deliver work that speaks for us in the longer run. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with us, adapting our skills to your business requirements. We’ve helped a range of companies from varied industries achieve success online.

You may be a startup or an established business looking forward to doing something better, something beautiful, remember we do it differently and we do it the best!

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