We have delivered more then
12,000+ Websites, 2,000+ Apps and 250+ Games for 12,500+ customers worldwide.

Team In India Key Numbers

After serving more than 12,500+ clients worldwide, we have covered almost each and every sector of the IT industry. From working with our clients we have gained a vast array of valuable experience whilst working with business of all sizes. Thanks to our established practises, the sky is the limit.

Country of Origin


21+ Years In IT Development

For the last 21 years Team In India has performed diligently to deliver the best results to clients in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. Our established development teams are fully qualified with a broad commercial experience, when working with international clients. We hold all the necessary certifications such as Microsoft, Google Partner, Agile Alliance, and many more.

Combining skilled manpower with the latest technologies, and timely project completions, we strive to accomplish all projects to meet our clients requirements.


1,000+ IT Dedicated Professionals

We started out with a handful of dedicated personnel, and today we’re an efficient team of 1,000+ employees. Our teams have each passed rigorous training programs, and are experts in specific technologies. Their comprehensive communication skills allow them to easily understand the needs of each individual customer, so they can converse efficiently with their clients.

We operate as a cross functional team where every group supports one another, hence why we can pool our resources across multiple technologies to provide a complete development service. Our tried and tested processes ensure a smooth development from project initiation to delivery and support.

12,500+ Clients Worldwide

Our teams have successfully worked for more than 12,500 clients from all around the globe. In order to keep our clients up to date with their projects, we use our own online project management tool which streamlines the process of communication. In addition, phone calls, Skype, MSN and Emails are also used as to contact our clients, and we also organise professional meetings using WebEx, GoToMeetings and Lync.


20,000+ Projects Delivered

Over the years our teams have managed to deliver over 20,000 projects, which speaks volumes about the quality of work we can produce. The projects we deliver have been recognised to increase profitability across all distribution channels, whilst ensuring effective management of both revenue and occupancy yield.

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