React Native is actually native!!

The first and foremost thing about this technology is; React Native is actually Native, as it is a component that describes its own appearance and also handles the render for you. There is a clean abstraction layer, which separates these two functions and this abstraction layer is commonly known as “bridge,” that facilitates React Native to display the rendering API on iOS and Android.

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A detailed look at react native

  • React Native is a new JavaScript based framework that is developed by Facebook and Instagram.
  • React Native is a relatively young, emerging, open source framework that promises a “learn once, write everywhere” experience driven by JavaScript.
  • This framework is for building mobile applications, not “mobile web” apps, “html5” apps, or “hybrid” apps, but real native applications for both iOS and Android.

Reap the benefits of React Native solutions

Open source

Harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency to create high-quality, flexible and secure software at lower cost.

Rapid Development

Developing applications for iOS and Android now much faster as much as by 30%. Vast library of React components available under open source.

Re-usable code

Share a single codebase between both iOS and Android.


With React Native, we have the flexibility to write native code at any point.

Rich ecosystem

Easy to write components that are similar in functionality but adapted to the respective operating systems.

Quicker iteration

Code is designed, developed and tested until there is a fully functional software application ready to be deployed to customers.


Declaratively define what your view should look like given some input data.

Live updates

No more waiting for approvals from the app store for your app updates.

React Native Services


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Agile Development


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The Solutions We Provide

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