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Enterprise Portal Solutions is All About Better Collaboration and Knowledge Management

An enterprise information portal plays a decisive role in today’s global marketplace as portal technology drives greater association and information management.It provides a secure unified access point, often in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. At Team In India, we full enterprise portal solutions combining our experience and knowledge.

Our Team

An efficient team working at Team In India provides a broad spectrum of enterprise portal solutions embracing the latest trends of technology and the best in class tools. We work closely with our patrons to build secure intranet, internet and extranet portals. Our solutions offer rich user interface and content delivery that combine information access, workflow management and integration with third-party web services.

We Let Our Business Values Look After
Our Quality Of Work

Effective Resource

Developing effective management skills to deal with certain challenges and problems of every organization is the urgent need of many businesses and organizations in the global competitive environment, which continues the changing of technology and environment.

Smarter, Simpler, Efficient
And Well-Coordinated

The larger the enterprise, the more challenges there are. Therefore, to implement large scale tools that help enterprises in bringing different processes, people and data on one platform, enterprise solutions are developed.

Easy Access To Data,
Even From Different

One of the biggest challenges that companies with multiple locations face is sharing data from one part of the company with another. Even when all portions of the company want to share, it’s often hard to figure out the best way to do so. Enterprise portal solutions ease this problem beautifully.

Streamlinied Content

Keeping your content in order is not everything – the content is useful only when it is available, accessible, searchable and timely updated. ECMs store the current state of your company content management and streamline the processes that were slow and heavy previously.

Real Time Data Analysis

Real-time, accurate data is available within an ERP solution.Information that is needed to make important decisions can be accessed at anytime from one system and the data is updated and stored in real time.

Enhanced Customer

ECM systems can be successfully integrated into any business, like in the case of financial services, public sector, media and entertainment, manufacturing and utilities, healthcare, education, e-commerce, services and transport- at Team In India, we provide you these enterprise portal solution developments.


ERP solutions for manufacturing are being built with speed and productivity as the focus. And that unquestionably means that employing such a system at your company will build the benefits of cost reduction and streamlined operations.

Increased Business

A business Intelligence system produces detailed analysis that can benefit every company. The tools can track performance, identify hidden trends and strategic information – providing powerful analytics to highlight the right data for business decisions, affecting growth and success.

Enterprise Portal Development Services

  • Social Networks and Communities
  • Content Distribution Portals (Digital Docs and Media)
  • B2C and B2B Ecommerce Portals
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Business Intelligence Portals
  • Sales Management Solution
  • Production Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Finance Management Solutions
  • Service Management Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Application/Web Services Portals

Our Benefits

  • Certified Web developers
  • Strict NDA Terms
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Source Code Authorization
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Transparent Process
  • Ready-to-use Infrastructure
  • Flexible timings

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We're CMMI DEV/3 appraised, this means that our processes follow detailed and consistent steps to ensure that the projects are all delivered accurately and well on the stipulated time.

sales sales

There’s never a rush at anything and we always take time to carefully assess your requirements. Once that is done by our team we are available to answer your queries and concerns from the outset.

Through the initial consultation, can able to develop a scope of work for your project and develop an idea of what you will be expecting from us to deliver.


We then supply a carefully detailed proposal – this includes a cost estimate and project timeline plan, for your review. There's no pressure and we are always on-hand to answer any further questions that you might have related to the proposal offered to you.

Only when you are convinced with our proposal and have all the related queries resolved we will begin with the project. Your satisfaction is of primary importance for us and our proposal will give you a clear idea about it.

Project project

Designs are hand-crafted by our creative team - influenced by your guidance, ideas, and inspiration together with industry best practices. At each stage, we invite you to review the work and provide feedback. Your feedback will help us get an idea of any changes that you might be looking forward to during the working mode.

Enhanced User Experience

Designs focus on both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience that will be clearly visible to you through each stage of the project.

The Development Stage

Development begins when the designs are signed-off. Our amazing hard-working developers carefully yet swiftly code your project to pixel perfection. Their avid experience definitely makes them stand out of the league and that’s what sets creates a difference in the development stage of your project.

Agile Management

We adhere to Agile Alliance standards, and at every stage, you have project access to enable you to provide running feedback.

Delivery delivery
Quality Assurance

We perform thorough UAT testing and ensure standards compliance so that we confidently deliver a high-quality product, time after time.

Our Quality Analysts are available all the time to ensure that the work is bug-free and that the best project is delivered at all times. The testing is done at each level so there is basically nothing that leaves unchecked before the final launch.


Our team of experienced professionals is always available to give you the best experience in terms of our project. When your project is ready to launch we set up your live services and re-test everything, to ensure that your launch is perfect in every way. In the unlikely event of any issues, we are on hand 24/7 to respond swiftly.

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